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    Higher quality sound?

    I know I can change the audio codec in the channel settings, but the Opus Music codec (I think it's the best for me) only goes to 11.87KiB/s. Can I get a different codec or make the current one go higher?

    If this cannot be done at all, is there another VOIP software that allows me to go above 100kbps?

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    This is the highest codec and highest codec quality you can set with TeamSpeak.
    But Opus music is not supported for voice conversations.
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    Can I add to this thread? Is network speed relative to the bitrate? Or is there compression applied to the data to significantly reduce transport cost

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    TeamSpeak's maximum quality is already around 100 kbps VBR. Nominal bitrate of Opus at quality level 10 is 79.2 kbps net and 97.2 kbps including overhead (97.2 kbps is what you already saw in the channel info). VBR corridor is 7% so TeamSpeak will exceed 100 kbps in gross.
    Given the efficiency of Opus, I see no need for higher bitrates.
    Everything else on bitrate is explained here. That text is in German, I'm not going to explain it in English.

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