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    Drag and Drop Pictures

    I would like to have the function like in Discord just want to push pictures into the chat

    My english is not the best xD - @Google Translator

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    This would really only work if the server administrator allows uploading files to the server, I've typically seen this disabled by the group that own and operate a licenced server slots.
    And from there, there will need to be an effective way at storing images to not flood the channels folders of images.

    The easiest move it to upload images to your favourite Web host, and paste the link with ctrl+shift+v

    Otherwise, someone may make a custom addon to the software to upload images to a third party website for you

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    Well I don't see a problem to make this work with teamspeaks Philosophie. (In theory)

    Just add a new right ala channel_image_hotdrop and give it to clients/group that should be able to do that. So no guest can post ugly images.

    Than everyone with that right can just drag&drop images in the chat and those get stored in some cache on the server. And to stop flooding just save the last 10/20/50/100 per channel or so.

    To round things up it could also give a preview of linked images. Like most other chat/voice client.

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