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Thread: Ip Banning?

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    Ip Banning?

    There needs to be a IP banning system in teamspeak.

    I've been banning the same User for over 2 months now, I've banned him 17 times on multiple Teamspeak accounts.

    He's harassing me & my users and it needs to fucking stop.

    Is there anyway of IP Banning this user?

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    Sure this is included and possible already.
    The IP also get's banned when you ban a user per right-click.

    So banning his IP will not help you, because the user joins with another one.
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    IPs are randomly assigned to a user from an ISP's pool. You may want to analyse the IPs he used and consider a wildcard ban. Note that unlike TeamSpeak2, TeamSpeak3 does not support CIDR but requires regex.

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