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    Screen turns off while TS3 is open

    Hi, I'd like to find an answer to my problems. I bought this application recently and when it's open on my phone (samsung j5 2016) I have many problems when I'm not on teamspeak. Example: I'm speaking on Ts3 and playing clash of clans, my phone has many black screns and gets locked for no reasons. It's really annoying and only happen with Ts3. I don't this problem when it's not open or when I'm on this application.

    Can someone find a solution please ?

    Sorry, my english is not very good but I hope you understood me

    Thank you,


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    Try to turn off the Proximity sensor under the client settings. This should stop that the screen turns off.

    I have no clue why your device gets locked but maybe this will solve itself when your turned that sensor off.
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