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    Lightbulb Feature Request: New servergroup permission to display/hide icon


    I would like to ask you, if you could add a new permission to the servergroups.

    In the client options, you're able to display or hide the Overwolf icons. What about the servergroup icons?

    I would like to decide, which servergrup icons will be displayed or hided serversided. In the following example, you'll see the current layout:
    Name:  teamspeak_3_client_blur.png
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    As you can see, all servergroups are listed with their icons on the right side, on the client information box. Additional, all icons are displayed at the clients name.

    Me, as server admin, would like to only display important servergroup icons like "Server Admin", "Moderator" and "Member", but not all, because all are for example also "CS:GO", "Need for Speed", "Arma 3" and a lot of other games as well as some level and FSK icons for example.

    My idea is, that you could simply add a boolean flag to the servergroup permissions, which is used to display or hide the icon for this specific servergroup:
    • b_show_flag_in_tree = true (Icon of servergroup will be displayed in server view tree)
    • b_show_flag_in_tree = false (Icon of servergroup will be hided in server view tree)

    The same permission also could be added to channelgroups too.

    I would really appreciate it, when you could add this simple and small new permission.

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    Don't quite understand your problem, if you don't want a icon for a servergroup, then don't add a icon to it?

    Or do you mean only show it at one of the two places?

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    Yeah, I want some icons hided at the client, to have lesser there, but I still want to have icons for these servergroups.

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    please use in the future servertree and client info panel. Because what you are saying atm doesn't make sense.

    Icons on clients => could refer to client icon, which is a Separate right for every client.

    Servergroup icons => both icons in your screenshot are servergroup icons (the one in the servertree view and client info panel)

    But yes such a right/feature would be handy and nice. +1 for that.

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