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    ts3updater - A small script to install or update your TeamSpeak server

    Simply place it in the directory of your TeamSpeak server and run it to update your server.
    Download and more information here:

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    For those of you who are using this script: Make sure you update to the current version v1.1. It includes a license check needed for the upcoming server release 3.1.

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    As misconfigured their server* and ts3updater selects a random mirror, the download currently fails with a probability of 50%. Therefore, from v1.4 on, the script tries the other mirror when the download fails.

    *Their certificate chain is incomplete, the Let's Encrypt Authority certificate is missing. This is not a problem when using a browser like Firefox or Chrome, as they have the LE certificate in their certificate store. For commandline tools like curl (which is used by ts3updater) and wget this is typically not the case.

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    Red face Complete Auto-Update Script (Linux)


    Im looking for a linux bash script, that checks for new server releases.

    Once it found a new version, it should update!

    All should go complete automatic.

    Is there anything available?

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    I think there is something available but it's not official, some users made it.
    Gotta search it

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