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    How to reformat date?

    Hi. How to reformat date?
    I would like to get the date of joining in the following: d-m-Y H:i

    void ts3plugin_infoData(uint64 serverConnectionHandlerID, uint64 id, enum PluginItemType type, char** data) {
    	if (type == PLUGIN_CLIENT)
    		char* created;
    		if (ts3Functions.getClientVariableAsString(serverConnectionHandlerID, (anyID)id, CLIENT_CREATED, &created) != ERROR_ok) {
    			printf("Error getting client created\n");
    		*data = (char*)malloc(INFODATA_BUFSIZE * sizeof(char)); 
    		snprintf(*data, INFODATA_BUFSIZE, "Join: %s", created); 

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