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    Drive 2 community on 1 TS3 Server

    Hi all !

    I am the founder of a community of games and I explain my worries.

    Would it be possible to split the teamspeak into two?
    Or rather to manage the permissions of the same type of server group but for example:

    - Modo csgo = modo tf2
    - But modo csgo can not move modo tf2
    Thanks you

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    Cannot be done with server groups, because server groups are server groups (not part-of-a-server groups). It requires a hierachy of groups to work, so either CS or TF must be "higher".

    It could be done with channel groups if the server has only two channels on root level. That would be complicated because everyone can only have one channel group. If a channel group is assigned on a later level, it would overwrite previous ones.

    So there are two solutions:
    a) (easy one) use different servers
    b) (hard one) have members over the age of kindergarten, so they will not abuse their powers

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