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    Issue with voice activation on Android (3.1.3 & 3.1.6)

    Hey there! This isnt about me, but my Girlfriend. We talk alot using Teamspeak App for Android, it works like a charm. But with the latest update (the one with the UI Update) her Voice Activation doesnt work anymore, and i permanently hear myself when talking to her. According to Play Store Reviews she is not the only one with this Problem. (She is using an Galaxy S6)

    These Issues are nonexistent for me (Galaxy S7 Edge)

    is there a quick fix for this Issue or do we get an update with a bugfix soon?

    best Regards, Seiimen.

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    We are aware about the problem and our developers are working on it.
    The problems we have is that
    1. The voice is to low and that's the reason why voice activation does not trigger anymore without screaming into the device.
    2. The Playback mode was changed to Music and the device behaves different here and may send to the external speaker now.

    Your girlfriend could try following (no guarantee for this workaround):
    1. Open the client settings by tapping on the Tools icon at the top when she is not connected.
    2. Scroll down to Audio Settings and open it.
    3. For Playback change Music to Voice Call and 44100 for the frequency
    4. For Recording change Voice Communication to Default and 44100 for the frequency
    5. Press Save and try again.
    --> If this does not work. Close the app the normal way and kill the app afterwards by forcing it to stop.
    --> Then reopen the app.
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