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    Insufficient permission modify power as admin

    Hey guys,

    at first: sorry for my bad english

    i got a brand new teamspeak yesterday and wanted to create the channel and the server groups etc.
    But unfortunately i can't edit some permissions (i_group_sort_id for example) as admin. I can't set a higher value than 75 aswell. On my old teamspeak everything worked fine and I could change the value etc.

    Any solutions?


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    You are not supposed to be able to set any permission values over 75.

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    You may have no Grant in your own group for the permissions or your i_permission_modify_power or i_group_modify_poweris to low or or or.
    This is all i can guess without any permissions overview.

    Quote Originally Posted by numma_cway View Post
    You are not supposed to be able to set any permission values over 75.
    But sort ID as an example should be possible with default permissions.
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    Yeah right, it should be possible with normal admin permissions^^

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