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    App freezes when i press the PTT button

    My Teamspeak works great until I hit the push to talk key, and then it freezes for about 5 seconds. When it freezes, I can't talk, I can't hear the other people talking, and when I have headphones plugged in the sound momentarily reroutes through the external speaker. It's making it impossible to use. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app, looked through the settings, searched through forums for similar issues, but I have found nothing that works.

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    Which Android version and device do you use?
    And are you using the latest version 3.1.6 from Playstore?

    Is the PTT overlay enabled under settings?
    Have you tried to turn of "Hands free" under the settings?
    Have you switched the playback/record mode under Settings -> Audio settings already?
    Does Voice activation work?
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