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    After changing the password of MyTeamSpeak account, I've lost all of my Identities...


    As the title says, after changing my MyTeamSpeak account's password, all of my Identitites, Bookmarks, settings, etc. have disappeared. I still have them on phone, which is good. Is there a way to rollback/recover the lost information or, can I transfer somehow my information from the phone to my PC? I couldn't find any options for that in the mobile version of the software (Android, newest version). My PC TeamSpeak 3 version is the up to date Beta channel release. I am assuming that the software somehow synchronized before getting my stuff back, so I didn't get all the things back. Or the software didn't sync at all before, which I don't think that is true, since I have the exact same stuff on my phone...
    I really need my info back as soon as possible, any help about this issue is crucial to me.

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    You may turn off your WLAN and mobile network before you do the next steps.
    This will reduce the risk that you will loose the data on your phone too.

    1. Turn your internet off and then Open the mobile App
    2. Now Tap and Hold the = icon next a bookmark or identity and then move the bookmark or identity to the local area.
      Repeat that till every data you want is in the local area.
    3. Turn your internet back on
    4. Now add a new bookmark or identity on your mobile client
    5. Open your pc client and check if that item does appear there
    6. In case step 5 worked -> move the bookmarks and identities back to the sync area on your mobile device
    7. Check again that everything is back in your client.
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    Thank you very much for helping me out! Your method worked out perfectly!
    You can close the topic and mark it resolved, I hope this will help someone else if needed!

    Best regards,


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