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    TS Server infrastructure to download (rooms,lines,ect.) ?

    Hello guys,

    I am playing with my new TS Server and I was thinking since ts-server get set up all the time over years there should be a download of a nice setting which I only need to edit for my pleasing, right?
    So before I go and create like 20 rooms and headlines and spacers myself, there could be someone very kind and publishs his ts infrastructure so I can load it into my profil and just change names and delete unnecessary items.
    Anyone experienced enough here that can show me the link to that or where I should go and search?


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    We don't know what channels you need, but for lines, there is this list.

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    Well, thanks for the list. It will help a bit but I meant the layout. I dont need specific rooms cause if I have the layout I can rename every channel by myself. I am not sure if I explained it good enough.....

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