Cannot connect to any servers adresses despite retyping the IP. Have further attempted to reinstall the TS3 software to no awail. Tried to change the Internet verification log with '8844' and '8888'. No noticeable change has occurred as the issue have persisted. The servers are definitely active as i tried in addtion to my bookmarked server tried several public official servers which for me was still inaccessible.

Below are the logs which were gathered from the client log.

2017-09-04 14:35:36 ClientUI Info Connect status: Connecting
2017-09-04 14:35:36 PktHandler Devel Puzzle solve time: 6
2017-09-04 14:35:37 TSDNS Info TSDNS queried unsuccessfully
2017-09-04 14:35:37 TSDNS Info No TSDNS found
2017-09-04 14:35:41 PktHandler Info Cleaning up connection because of 5 resends of COMMAND packet
2017-09-04 14:35:41 ClientUI Info Connect status: Disconnected
2017-09-04 14:35:42 ClientUI Info Failed to connect to server, want autoreconnect = 0