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    I've made a big mistake... about the permission "b_serverquery_login"

    I'm ashamed to talk about it, I know it's completely dumb from me but I've deleted the permission b_serverquery_login from the Guest Server Query group.

    I have a big community on the server and it would be a huge inconvenient to start from scratch.

    Any way to fix this?

    Thanks a lot.

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    The only supported way is to use a backup of your server database in case you are not longer logged in with the serveradmin account.
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    Me sees 3 possible options:
    • Delete the DB and start a new instance
    • Restore from a working backup
    • Leave it as it is and go withut query login (and no managing options to your instance)

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    Interesting. You deleted the permission to logon as query client, and only a query client can set permissions for query groups, so you cannot add it back.

    An absolutely not supported solution to add it back is:

    $ sqlite3 ts3server.sqlitedb
    > insert into perm_server_group (server_id, id1, id2, perm_id, perm_value, perm_negated, perm_skip) values(0,1,0,'b_serverquery_login',1,0,0);
    > .quit

    This may break your database, but probably not more than it is broken already. It just adds the permission entry back you deleted. The entry is extracted from the default.sql that is located in the sql/ subdirectory of your server installation, in case you want to verify.

    I consider it a bug in the Teamspeak server that it is possible to remove that permission.

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    teamsepak3 erros

    hi good day .

    " The query could not be completed because you do not have the necessary permissions.
    Command: login
    Error message: insufficient client permissions
    Error code: 2568
    Missing permissions: #14

    help me please.
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    you removed vital permissions and will have to start from scratch
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    Why is this even possible in TeamSpeak? Removing that permission from group 1 has no other use than destroying the whole instance, doesn't it?

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