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    Problem Sound teamspeak 3 Android After last update

    After the last update of teamspeak for android, on (, there are some audio problems, the female automatic voice is no longer heard, neither when you receive to the server and when you cancel it, you do not hear audio, and even echo microphone...
    Solve this problem.
    Thank you

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    What have you for a Device and what have you for a Android Version?

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    Which Android version do you use?
    Which Device do you use?

    Do you mean TTS or Female Voice?
    Is one of these enabled under Settings -> Soundpack?
    Does it help to switch the Soundpack?

    Do you only mean the sounds when you join or leave a server?
    Or do you mean all sound notifications?

    Or do you mean sound notifications and speaking users?
    Is your volume turned down?

    Does it help when you change the Playback / Record settings under Settings > Audio settings?
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