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    TeamSpeak builds up System Interrupts until it fills core 0 to 100%


    TeamSpeak has started acting strange lately. It slowly fills up the entire first CPU core over time through System Interrupts.

    First I thought maybe the Joystick/Gamepad plugin was going bonkers, but it still keeps building up without it.
    I also tried rolling back to the previous version but no luck.

    I figured maybe it could be a driver, but I have no idea where to start looking.

    Hope someone can point me in the right direction, as games becomes unplayable with frame rates down in the single digits after not long.

    Edit: I have added the log and Dxdiag now. I have found in the log that the Joystick/Gamepad plugin constantly checks for hardware updates. I tried again with disabling the plugin, and It actually didn't build up! It is definitely the culprit. But without it, I can't use my joystick as push to talk. If anyone can help that would be most appreciated!
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