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    TS3 Client Crash


    Someone came on my server tonight and changed his name to some weird characters, causing people with Client on iOS to crash.

    <22:13:45> "Linkler" is now known as "జ్ఞ*ాజ్ఞ*ాజ్ఞ*ాజ్ఞ*ా"
    <22:14:51> "Frasca1" connected to channel "Lobby"
    <22:15:03> "Frasca2" connected to channel "Lobby"
    <22:15:11> "Frasca" dropped (connection lost)
    <22:15:22> "Frasca1" dropped (connection lost)
    <22:15:33> "Frasca2" dropped (connection lost)

    We've confirmed this by having the person remove the characters, then the crashing stopped. When he put them back, it crashed the iOS users again. It seems those characters above are overlapping each other, try copying it then backspacing and see for yourself. We had an Android user come on to see if that would crash, but it did not, seems only an iOS problem.

    The characters look a bit different when pasted in here, so here's a pastebin that shows exactly as they appear on TeamSpeak:
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    Apple will release an fix for it next week(probably iOS 11.2.6)! But If you cant wait then update to iOS 11.3 Beta 2.

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