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    iOS bug; wifi unstable -> banned (flood protection); limit # of tries

    Hi developers,
    when Wifi is unstable (sometimes far away the access point) the app wont stop reconnecting to the server, which results in a bann (flood protection).

    Could be there an option to adjust the tries to a limit or could be there a back feed to the server that this is an iOS app and not a hacking attack?

    would be great, because it is pretty tricky to kill the iOS app. you need to accept the notification window first before you can kill it and it tries continuously. With an old iphone 5 and latest possible iOS it is really hard.

    apart from this, great app, like it!

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    I don't get the bug from your problem.

    -> The client and server only do what we expect.
    The client reconnects to the server as long the client was able to connect and the server counts up flood points for connections.
    But this will only happen in case you successfully contacted the voice server.

    -> I will add a feature ticket to limit the amount of tries till the client stops to reconnect.
    I'm not sure if this will help you, because your client made a connection and dropped again.

    Killing the app isn't that tricky. You just need to press your home button twice and swipe the App up.
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    What you could try as well, if you're the server owner or know the server owner, is ask if they can up the points needed for flood protection to kick in. Could be enough for now to solve your issue but still keep the anti-flood on the server useful

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