Hello Dudes,

Hope you can help me with my little trouble.

Basically I own a HyperX Cloud II 7.1, and I have the latest TS3 update installed.

Since I bought them, I never had any trouble at all in terms of mic usage with teamspeak or any trouble of compatibility. I always used the default settings and adjusted them accordingly to the tone of my voice.

I use voice activation or PTT depending on the situation.

Recently I formatted my PC and with the new cloud data storage thing it was easy to get back my old setup for TS3.

The problem is TS is cutting my voice in some sentences depending on the tone of my voice. I already have voice detection as higher as possible in -50db. Even when I try to mess up with settings, like echo reduction and cancelattion, it doesn't feel like anything different.
When I test it, the tests are simply normal, no problem at all. But when I actually speak it cuts some of my sentences.

Can someone identify the problem? I've look it up but never found anything or any thread about something as specific as my problem

Thanks in advance.