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    Suggestion - Live Support Chat

    hello together,

    i wanted to get support and see that only user with bought license can submit a ticket.
    I like that that you make exceptions and support users without license in tickets
    But my suggestion to you is a live support chat on your site/s.
    For example a free version is the Live Chat from
    This is completly free and i think for 10$ / month you can delete the branding.

    I dont want to make advertisings, but i want to help you to get a better help for the community

    Thanks and best regards,
    Timo | NiceKype

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    Employees providing support cost money, you know? So it makes sense that a companies only accept tickets from people who (directly) earn them money.

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    September 2017
    Live chat for client issues would be really nice.

    When its a server thing often the people involved have the technical skill to figure out themselves, time, dedication, and licences.

    Users don't have this, they just want to join, then if they have a problem (often something simple, like a wrong mic config) they get frustrated, give up and go elsewhere. Most of the time someone experienced on that TS3 server will help, but if no such person around, or they cant solve it, then its often a lost member and someone that may be [b]anti-ts[.b] in the future (had some of these "come join this TS server", "oh, think I tried that before but didn't work, X is better").

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    Do you just mean a website live chat on this page? So you can talk/ask question without the need of making a thread?

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    Kent - UK
    What do you need help with NiceKype?

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