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    Can i detect the PTT carrier with TS3? For use with RoIP (RF) based system/repeater

    Hi there. Can anyone help?

    We are currently use TS3 with our own server allowing a bridge between a radio based system (using asterisk/raspberry pi3) and TS3. Currently, when someone on the TS3 server TX's. with Asterisk system relies on the vox feature within to make the device TX. The same is done by return, with TS3 hearing the audio, and then TX's back in the relevant talkgroup.

    To help make it more stable, I would like to look at creating a was so that when someone TX's on TS3 (and activates the blue dot on the screen), the PC can understand that and send a signal to the raspberry pi in affect making it key up (rather than using vox).

    Has anyone any experience with this, or even know if it can be done (I'm sure anything is possible when you know how to do it- lol).



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    Here is a good article on how one site did it:

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    Quote Originally Posted by rantsroamer View Post
    Here is a good article on how one site did it
    They are using VOX which is exactly what the OP didn't want a year ago. At least read the dead threads you are about to release from the graveyard, please.

    On topic: There are ways to hook into the TeamSpeak client and get notified when someone starts sending. Overwolf does that. I think they are using the "Control" plugin for that. However, I think documentation for that plugin may be difficult to find.

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