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    Media keys don't work when "tabbed into" TeamSpeak

    I can't pause/play/skip my music when I'm "tabbed into" TeamSpeak, I have to be tabbed out

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    What's your music player + combinations of keys you use to pause/play/skip?
    I use foobar2000 + default multimedia actions (FN+F10/F11/F12) and everything works fine (i set up these hotkeys globally in foobar settings)

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    I'm using Google Play Music Desktop Player with the dedicated play/pause button on my keyboard. Sorry it took so long to respond.

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    It could be that TeamSpeak is started in admin mode? while your music play isn't?
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    I've done some testing and I've figured out what's wrong. Apparently if you have the Google Play Music extension in chrome the media keys might not work reliably in GPMDP. If you remove it and restart chrome they might start working more reliably. I did this and they started working is TS. It is kind of weird that they only didn't work while tabbed into TS though.
    I tried what you suggested and the media keys started working if GPMDP was started in admin mode. It didn't matter whether TS was started in admin mode or not.

    On an unrelated note, if you find that your media keys aren't working at all in a program it may be because of the "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service". If you disable the service via MSConfig and restart your computer they might start working.

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