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    Can't get Power from a single Channel assigned to all Servergroups

    My situation is the following.

    Our Multiple-Game-Community usually has up to 100-150 member online in the evening on our TS-server.

    In General our members have enough move_power (75) to move anyone around (highest needed_move_power is 75).

    Occasionally when our WoW-Team is raiding someone from a different channel moves a raider from the raidchannel somewhere else on the server.

    I edited the Channelrights of said raidchannel to needed_move_power 125. Now normal members can't be moved out of this channel by anyone who isn't an admin / officer.

    Now my problem:

    While a normal member has the needed_move_power of 125, I as an admin only have 75.

    My question is, how / in which order is the power assigned and what do I have to do to change it.

    Here is a Screenshot showing move_power and needed_move_power of my admin-account (left) and my normal member account (right side) -

    Even tried to set up a channelgroup but stil can't achieve to be at 125 needed_move_power.

    Hope I could explain my problem and anyone is able to help me.
    Thanks in advance.

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    The "Problem" here is, you as an admin skip all permissions which are set in each channel and each channel-group.

    A solutions could be creating a seperate Servergroup, "NoMove" for example, which has no special permissions other than a needed move power of 125. An only Admins during the raid have them assigned.

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