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    Advanced permission system

    Hello, first of all, I put this topic in the forum that seems to me to be well suited; I apologize if that is not the case.
    I have a TeamSpeak server and is followed a tutorial for channel integration powers.
    Except for me what I'm looking for is for example that a server group (police officer) can access the police channels but not a doctor and that the doctor can access the doctor channel but not the police and that only the army can access the canals of the army and not to the police and doctor. I do not know if I was clear but hopefully. Is there a technique?


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    Use a channel group instead.

    - Create a channel group e.g. named "access" and give it a i_channel_join_power of e.g. 60.
    - Edit the channels for your groups to have a i_channel_needed_join_power of the same value.
    - Assign all members to this channel group within their specific channel.

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