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    Packet loss issue on specific server

    Hey there!

    So, few days ago I started having an issue on my clan TeamSpeak server. I was just hanging around with my friends as usually, when suddenly my packet loss % went up, so I didn't really care as I thought I was just downloading update from Steam. However, later I noticed it was the "in" packet loss.

    Here's how my "Client connection info" looks like -->

    My total time spent on that server is over 100 days, but I've never had that issue before. I didn't change any internet or other settings, so I've got no clue what could be the error.

    I've tried connecting with my phone, but still had the issue. However, when I joined via my mobile internet/different Wi-Fi, the packet loss was gone. Even tried to connect through different IP's, but didn't help.

    Thanks for reading, have a nice day!

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    Might be a temporary routing issue by some routing provider on the way. Please post tracert, with WinMTR if possible.

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