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Thread: No Icons

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    No Icons

    Hi all. Since updating to IOS 11 all of my teamspeak badges and icons aren’t gone next to everyone’s name including my own. Is this a know problem and if so are there any fixes to it?

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    Are you sure this only happens on iOS? Have you tried other servers?

    In the other thread (see below) you said that you get an error message.
    The thing below is a server problem which needs to be fixed from an admin.

    Quote Originally Posted by EastCoastXray View Post
    I have been working on this problem for a few hours and cant find a solution. I had to restore my macbook and I downloaded the TS client and logged in via myteamspeak account. When I log in I get bold red errors in the chat field that say channel group/server group icons can not be found.
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