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    Need help regarding in which order power is assigned

    My situation is the following.

    Our Multiple-Game-Community usually has up to 100-150 member online in the evening on our TS-server.

    In General our members have enough move_power (75) to move anyone around (highest needed_move_power is 75).

    Occasionally when our WoW-Team is raiding someone from a different channel moves a raider from the raidchannel somewhere else on the server.

    I edited the Channelrights of said raidchannel to needed_move_power 125. Now normal members can't be moved out of this channel by anyone who isn't an admin / officer.

    Now my problem:

    While a normal member has the needed_move_power of 125, I as an admin only have 75.

    My question is, how / in which order is the power assigned and what do I have to do to change it.

    Here is a Screenshot showing move_power and needed_move_power of my admin-account (left) and my normal member account (right side) -

    Even tried to set up a channelgroup but stil can't achieve to be at 125 needed_move_power.

    Hope I could explain my problem and anyone is able to help me.
    Thanks in advance.

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    The Server Admin group usually has the b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions permission. If this permission is active, no channel (despite the name) and channel group permissions may be assigned to a user with such group.
    To fix this, remove this permission from the Server Admin group and set the skip flag for every of its assigned permissions but the one you want to be affected by channel or channel group permissions.

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