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    Server group issue

    Hello. I've made a server group which restricts poking/whispering/messaging you. This server group can be granted/removed by anyone. The problem is i want to restrict this group to be granted/removed only to yourself and no one else otherwise some griefers could misuse this. Any way to do that?

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    The only two ways i know to do this, is a query-bot or the example below it.

    You can write to this bot and tell the bot that you want to have this group or to remove it.

    With this, you can restrict the users to decide for themself.

    I know a really funny solution as well But that is just something for nerds^^

    Create a special channel, were you have the ability to add or remove the group and not to others by using client_modify_power.

    Every client cannot add or remove groups by setting the following permissions to usergroups:

    i_client_modify_power 0

    i_client_needed_modify_power 50

    Now, set the i_client_needed_modify_power to 0 in this channel.

    This should allow the clients to remove or add themself to group, but only when they join the channel

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