Hi, everyone!
Got some strange issue with micro in TS. Basically, I configure the micro in TS, self-test works just fine. But, when I starting to talk (no matter the way of microphone activation: push to talk, Voice recognition etc.) it work only at about 20 sec. and then microphone starts loosing words and then everyone stops hearing me at all. If I'll stop talking and then start again microphone still not working. If I reassign activation button an activation method, then I've got 20 seconds one more time and problem starts again.

I've got integrated sound card and Asus Xonar DGX. Both got the same problem.

My TS version is 3.1.6 (8/16/2017)
QT Version 5.6.2
Windows 10pro latest updates

The microphone works perfectly in any other programs like Skype, Discord, RaidCall etc.

Could someone please help me with this?