Sometimes when i leave my TS client running for >~ 4hrs and close it in any normal way (not using taskmanager) all my input devices freeze to oblivion (mouse, keyboard, etc).
The strange thing is that anything else in the background seems to work just fine. Messages are still scrolling through, notifications plop up, task manager shows normal process stats, etc.
To get my input devices working again i have to completely restart my PC (The power-off and reset buttons on the case are still working).
Ejecting and re-inserting my mouse/keyboard doesn't help either.
Also this weird behavior doesn't happen with any other app on that PC.

Things i've tried already:
  • Starting TS3 with -safemode
  • Re-inserting several amounts of input devices
  • using different input devices from another PC
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling all (as up to date as possible) device drivers
  • Checking various logs (teamspeak, windows)

For me it feels like teamspeak is trying to release the devices but fails somehow idk

P.S. Dxdiag, settings.db, etc will be sent via PM when requested ^^