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    Hosting TS3 server on a laptop, dropping clients.

    As the title states I'm hosting a TS3 server on my laptop and I'm having issues dropping clients. The server works fine at the start but then starts dropping all clients at the same time. I will attach dxdiag info on my laptop and desktop as well as the log info on both. I have set my laptop up with a static ip in an attempt to help, but still dropping clients. They drop and reconnect, drop and reconnect and so on.
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    I think I may have fixed my problem. I changed the protocol from 'Both' to 'UDP' and changed from the 'Port Range Forward' tab to the 'Single Port Forward' tab in my Linksys router. The speed at which the client now logs into the TS3 server is much faster. I was seeing some lag time in the login.

    Update, I still have the problem of the clients being dropped and reconnected. I'm sure the problem is on the server side. I still can not figure out what is wrong and causing this problem. When I reboot the laptop that that is hosting the TS3 server it seems to solve the problem, but after some time the dropping starts again. Any ideas?

    Updated the video driver in my laptop and now the TS3 server that I'm hosting in the laptop seems stable.......time will tell, but so far so good. It's been good for several days now.
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