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    Server full error

    I was using a DNS on my computer, then the TS server, a free ts server, I use to stay got full (10 people) and one friend wanted to enter so we have another server we were moving and I couldnt because some TS server dont support DNS. I tried to enter the "full server" again because I got an error trying to enter the other one and got that message that the server was full I was ok I will watch a movie instead of play.
    I came back later and tried to enter,got the same message. I asked a friend if someone could leave so I could enter and he said the server wasnt full.
    Now, Im not using DNS I unisntalled and installed different versions of ts3, always the same message.

    There is something I can do? Like deleting registry files or something?

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    The server is full or you connect to the wrong server or the server owner did setup reserved slots and you are not allowed to use them.

    These are the cases you can face here.
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