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    Can't set icon (insufficient permission modify power)

    I've just set up a teamspeak 3 server. All channels have been made and everything. I went to start adding all my groups and what not, Added all of them successfully. I went to change the icon image for the groups and it said "insufficient permission modify power"

    - I have server admin and all permissions to edit >
    - I have not tampered with ANY of the permissions in the server admin group. Only the name.
    Please help me as i need to get this ts up and running asap.

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    I guess you have no Grant of 75 set in a group or client permission i_icon_id.
    I guess you gave sourself a client icon and did not add grant to that icon.

    Your permission example doesn't show everything that is needed.
    Please show us a full permission overview (right-click on yourself in server tree -> Permissions -> Permission overview).
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