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    Teamspeak client crashes randomly (Even on fresh windows load)

    I have a friend who has been crashing randomly on Teamspeak 3 for the last year or so. When he crashes he can hear us talking to him however he cannot say anything for about 30 seconds.

    Then he times out. during this time the chat says disconnected from the server and attempts re-connection and can't connect, restarting Teamspeak fixes this issue though, no server downtime and almost always he remains connected to online games we're playing at the time ONLY teamspeak disconnects.

    We've done a ton of troubleshooting, he has even completely reloaded windows and the problem persists. We'd like to find out why he is disconnecting randomly so we can try and find some solution.
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    Your friend has no crash. He has connection issues.
    Your friend's upload traffic is blocks/breaks and he times out after ~18 seconds. This is why he can't speak but can hear.

    He/you/server owner should check his ping and or packet loss.
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