Hello all, i hsve been having issues using team speak and yames since updating windows to 1709. Im getting huge lag spikes where my ping in ts and game will jump to over 500 for a few seconds then return to normal. Tried alot of things in windows like turning location off and setting my network to metered but no success. While playing bf1 i figured out the problem, teamspeak. While ts is open, not even in a server my ping in bf1 was hitting 2000+ every few minutes then returns to 50/60. Closing ts3 kept my ping at a solid 50. I have tested this a few times with bf1/pubg/arma 3 and same result everytime. I also noticed in task manager when the lag/ high ping happens ts3 hits 4/5mb in network then returns to 0. Is there any way to fix this as my friends only use ts and to be honest i like it alot more than others. I have tried running asxadmin/ turning echoe cancellation of/ and direct wave in options for mic/playback. Teamspeak is on latest versiin and i have tried reinstalling. Since it didnt happen before updating to windows fall update 1709 im thinking theres some conflict. Any help fixing this would be appreciated. I have kaspersky security and ts3 is allowed in firewall, had same security b4 windows update o ruled this out. Only thing i havent tried asof yet it an older ts3 version.