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    Push to talk activates on it's own after Windows 10 Fall creators update


    After upgrading Windows 10 to Fall creators update (version 1709), the mike automatically gets enabled without me pushing the key to talk (using q to activate it). The issue is intermitent, unable to duplicate it. Joining a channel, talking with people, after seconds/minutes the mike starts to stream. I have to hit back "q" button and the mike stops streaming.
    NO, the "q" button doesn't get stuck I've also tried switching buttons, same issue occurs.

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    Will test PTT today. But had no problems so far since Windows was updated last month.

    Edit: Could not reproduce this after 2 days testing with q as my ptt button.
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    Maybe this will help. Looks like it happens alot if I'm connecting to a server and just typing an internet address in browser. I've set the key to "e" button because there are a lot of words that have "e" in it. Could you test again by setting "e" key, minimize team steak and type some words in a browser which have an "e" in it and look at team speak again. The mike should be streaming. Besides hearing me, my friends said that an awful sound is also streaming, like some bad wire connection.

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    Nvm, you don't need to test this anymore. The problem was caused by Sophos Home Premium antivirus. They have some kind of live encryption method when typing something in browser. When it does that, the browser is no longer the top window. That's the moment when TS takes the command to enable the microphone and it gets stuck on streaming. It didn't do that before fall creators update.

    Thanks and sorry for making you chase nothing

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