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    Message Event | plugin sdk

    I have the following code from the example plugin (plugin sdk).

    int ts3plugin_onTextMessageEvent(uint64 serverConnectionHandlerID, anyID targetMode, anyID toID, anyID fromID, const char* fromName, const char* fromUniqueIdentifier, const char* message, int ffIgnored) {
        printf("PLUGIN: onTextMessageEvent %llu %d %d %s %s %d\n", (long long unsigned int)serverConnectionHandlerID, targetMode, fromID, fromName, message, ffIgnored);
    	/* Friend/Foe manager has ignored the message, so ignore here as well. */
    	if(ffIgnored) {
    		return 0; /* Client will ignore the message anyways, so return value here doesn't matter */
    #if 0
    		/* Example code: Autoreply to sender */
    		/* Disabled because quite annoying, but should give you some ideas what is possible here */
    		/* Careful, when two clients use this, they will get banned quickly... */
    		anyID myID;
    		if(ts3Functions.getClientID(serverConnectionHandlerID, &myID) != ERROR_ok) {
    			ts3Functions.logMessage("Error querying own client id", LogLevel_ERROR, "Plugin", serverConnectionHandlerID);
    			return 0;
    		if(fromID != myID) {  /* Don't reply when source is own client */
    			if(ts3Functions.requestSendPrivateTextMsg(serverConnectionHandlerID, "Text message back!", fromID, NULL) != ERROR_ok) {
    				ts3Functions.logMessage("Error requesting send text message", LogLevel_ERROR, "Plugin", serverConnectionHandlerID);
        return 0;  /* 0 = handle normally, 1 = client will ignore the text message */
    But what I want is to know, how I can activate this code.
    One line: "disabled, beacause quite annoying".
    So how I can enable it?


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    I'm not sure if I understand your question right.

    If your algorithm is correct, only other clients can trigger this.

    Check if your plugin is enabled. If not, check if you export all required functions (and check the client log for specifics).
    See also this thread which gives a good overview about the used callbacks.

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    Sorry, my bad.
    Another question.
    The event is also triggered, if someone writes a channel text message.
    How I can get, if it's a private text message?

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    You can get that info from the targetMode argument.

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    Thank you!

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