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Thread: Ts3 api c++

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    Ts3 api c++

    I'm new and want to know sth.
    I have the following source code:

    void ts3plugin_onClientMoveMovedEvent(uint64 serverConnectionHandlerID, anyID clientID, uint64 oldChannelID, uint64 newChannelID, int visibility, anyID moverID, const char* moverName, const char* moverUniqueIdentifier, const char* moveMessage) {
    ts3Functions.requestClientMove(serverConnectionHan dlerID, clientID, oldChannelID, "", 0);

    But if an other user moves another user, then I join the old channel of the person, who is moved.
    So I want to check if I am moved or an other person.

    Please help

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    Perform a source check like you do here ("Don't move when clientID is own client").

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