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    Problems with stability.

    Hello everyone. Help me pls fix disconecting from server for 1 minute. In this time sites, db and ftp working and having access from internet.
    Windows 10 pro x64(i7-3770k up to 4.5ghz, 16gb, 128gb ssd) - hyper-v - CentOS 7 (x64, 12% of processor, 1gb, 10gb vhdx on ssd).
    Two 100mb/100mb internet cables in house, two different lines. First in home router then motherboard. Second line in mikrotik router(good server router) then in extra pci network card. Second line blocked for windows in hyper-v and can't used in parent(windows10) os and owrk only for virtual machines.
    First server iteration was with ts3serv, nginx, mariadb, vsftpd. Have this problem too.
    Now second server iteration have this problem too. Centos 7 minimal(ssh, wget) with ts3server. Now opened only port 9987.
    If need i can share any log files. Pls help me, my members want buy for me server license(up for more 32 ppl).
    Last crashes was (TIME GMT +5):
    21:12:15 down
    21:12:56 up
    22:30:14 down
    22:30:58 up
    01:22:06 down
    01:22:52 up
    02:11:44 down
    02:12:27 up
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    Not enough information to analyze.
    Please provide logs, both instance and server.

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