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    Change to another Server / Hoster

    Hey everyone!

    I want to switch to another Server Hoster, because my Server Hoster has no DDOS protection and we have so many attaks at the moment.
    A few years ago, i already changed the Server, beacause i needed more resources. I did everything with YATQA, i created a full Backup of the Server and restored the Backup on the new Server.

    The Problem is, after i restored my Backup every User got a message "The ID of the Server has changed" (Don't know the exact error message).

    Is it possible to change the Server without changing the uniq ID of the Server ?

    I hope you guys can help me

    (Antworten auf Deutsch sind auch möglich )

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    It appears when the backup has another virtualserver_unique_identifier stored. There is no way to turn that message of, when the old one differs from the new one. User have to accept it once and it will not appear again.

    That message should not appear when you insert a backup of your database or a snapshot from your virtual server. It seems something went wrong or the backup is from another server.
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    Maybe he used the wrong feature in YaTQA. In the Pro version, there is a feature to generate a new ID to allow copies.

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