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    TS3 doesn't recognize Logitech G35 Headset

    Good evening folks.

    I've got some problems with the TS3 Client.
    It doesn't recognize my Logitech G35 as Microphone, neither as an Output Device, while this runs perfectly smooth in Discord.

    I've played around with the settings in Teamspeak 3 already but that didn't help anything.

    I think it could be a permission problem or something similar to.

    I use Debian Stretch, fully up to date. And the newest Teamspeak Client, 3.1.6 i guess.
    Any suggestions?



    I managed to solve the problem myself.

    I had to switch the Mixer from Default / PulseAudio to Alsa.

    But i don't think that's the way its meant to be.

    So if there are any other suggestions, feel free to tell me.
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