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    Teamspeak have some problems with MyTeamspeak identities

    Hi, im not a regular post maker here but have seen a bit from teamspeak in a beta stage before even MyTeamSpeak identities sync and stuff been applied on Regular Teamspeak environment.

    Because of that beta craziest test (we all know every beta have beta problems and some funny stuff) my stored identity was reseted and some of my not regular but usefull teamspeak activities were set to default.

    Then, i saw discord and what he had to offer. Gaming speaking atm i only can open Discord in some controlled situations, most of the high performance settings need to be disabled (low pc specs) but one thing i know from the discord servers security:

    I can die and my stored entered servers will remain associated to me.

    MyTeamspeak Identity doesnt do that, Teamspeak created a "recovery key" that dies with us ; ATM teamspeak dont trust in a MyTeamSpeak user who like to support crazy things and have is work done. If we create a Myteamspeak user a lost of a "recovery key" can reset all work a guy have done earlier for this comunication environment.

    Create a way we could sync local identities permitions with Synced ones and DONT FCKING RESET EVERY THING IN TEAMSPEAK USAGE LIFE, ITS A CANCER TO HAVE TO ASK FOR PERMITIONS WITH A IDENTITY STORED WITH ALL past ones

    Any futher mind wash pls Teamspeak Personnel reach me, i am, according to your data a teamspeak for android buyer, a guy if wanna support a stuff should not be ignored.

    Keep the goody worki , Love you strategically all

    Flávio Miguel Mota Pereira (Homers1993 )


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    Quote Originally Posted by homers1993 View Post
    I can die and my stored entered servers will remain associated to me.
    So.. you wanna get buried with your server?

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    Local is not online.
    Something that isn't online can't be synced from us.

    This is a self made problem when you want to have your identity synced but don't want put it online.
    You only can have 1 thing or you search programs that sync files from your computer.
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