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    My TeamSpeak email change


    I changed my email address of my myTeamSpeak account. I validated the email received on the old email address.
    However, I see that nothing changes.

    When I try to redo the change, it tells me that the new email address is already used!
    It seems my myTeamSpeak account has been duplicated with two email addresses.

    I then reset the password for the new email address. But:
    - When I log in using the NEW email address, there is the old one shown!!!!
    - If I try to rechanges it to the old email address, it says there is no change. The email are the same.
    - The password for the OLD one seems to be now invalid. Like the hash/salt of the password is email related.

    According to the european law, especially the one related to the personal information (will be renamed GDPR in few months), I request my account not to be duplicated and my old email address to be removed. Germany is also under the GDPAA (German Data Protection Amendment Act) that allows me to request and control all my personal data such email addresses. Without action from TeamSpeak, please know that my query will be forwarded to the competent authorities. Let me remind you Germany does not laugh with privacy.

    Please contact me privately if you need the emails accounts (different from the one used in the forum).

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