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    TeamSpeak causing GPU 3D Profile


    I just reinstall Windows 10 on my new PC :

    CM Asus Z270 with i7 7700k and GTX 1080

    I use afterburner 4.4.0 Both my CPU and GPU are stock clock

    When iam idle on windows on internet browser my GPU is on 2D profile like ever (139 coreclock /405 memclock)

    When i run Teamspeak (last version, but i tried older version too) my Gpu raise at 3d clock (1658 coreclock /5006 memclock)

    The Gpu is still at 0% usage but with this 3D clocks my pc consume pore Watts about +50watts and raise my GPU temp.

    I dont know why only Teamspeak (a 2D program) cause that on my PC , i tried a lot of things (close services one by one, reinstall nvidia drivers... etc)

    For now iam lost and i dont know if iam the one with this issue.


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    Start TeamSpeak with the "--force-opengl-soft" switch.

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    It works fine ,

    Thank you

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