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    Question TS3TypeScript Bot


    I'm currently working on a bot wich works with TypeScript (NodeJS). I would like know if this kind of bot would interrest people.

    The bot currently working well and i hesitate to publish it, i have three options:

    Note: If i publish it as open source project i certainly regrets it for the same reason as the author of the JTS3Servermod. Some hosters will sell it with their servers without any retribution/recognition for the author. So it wont happen :/

    1) I publish an obfuscated version
    2) I publish a binary for popular OS (windows, Linux Debian based)
    3) I made an hosted service with a free bot for unlicensed servers and NPL hosters. For ATHP server the cost will be 1€ symbolic per month.

    The bot works like sinus bot, you can create your own packages and install them through npm (or the webmin). An API is available for querying easily the server and listen the events. You can also emit your own events to interact with other packages.

    So, what do you prefer ?

    Edit: The bot already include all features provided by JTS3Servermod and some more like uptime ranking, channel locker, temporary password generator etc...
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