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    Developer Guidelines?


    Having gone through the process of getting a style and an icon pack approved, I found several issues with the process that make it difficult for developers to get started creating addons for TeamSpeak.

    eMail address

    Your system sends eMails from and which got me confused since some eMails went trough my spam filter and some got caught by it. I was not aware that I had to whitelist two different domains to be able to receive all eMails.

    Naming Guidelines

    My developer status was reset to "non-developer" since my original developer name was considered advertising. This makes sense but it's confusing since you are

    • not told what a "valid" non advertising developer name is supposed to look like,
    • you already went through the phone / SMS validation process at this point which leaves you with the impression that you "finished" the signup process.

    Package Structure

    I found it hard to find information which types of packages are actually supported and what their internal structure is supposed to look like. Skipping through the forums, it becomes obvious that I'm not the only one running into this problem.

    Furthermore, your client software supports "addon" packages which incorperate multiple types of addons within the same package, however "myTeamSpeak" does not support that so my initial "combined" package was rejected.

    With the only official source of information being this thread which dates back to 2002 (!), it's pretty much impossible to "get it right" with the first attempt.

    Quality Standards

    My icon pack was rejected multiple times due do missing icons and unreferenced icons. However, those are actually "upstream" bugs in the icon packs that ship with the client software since I used those as a starting point.

    When the only "blueprints" we got are the original icon packs that ship with the software, you should make sure that those actually meet your own quality standards.

    Furthermore, it would be helpful to actually be able to lookup those quality standards somewhere as they are completely intransparent right now. It's not fun for developers to have their work rejected over and over again due to not meeting the "quality standards" which only TeamSpeak Systems seems to know about at this point.

    Exposing the quality standards to the public so we as addon developers can do our best to meet them before submitting our work for review could also reduce the work load of the people doing the reviews.

    Review Process / Versioning

    I just uploaded a new version of my style package which made it disappear from the public addons repository. It makes sense to have new versions go through the review process but it doesn't make sense to remove the previously approved version from the addon browser while the new one is queued for review.

    Right know, my style package is "invisible" to the public which leaves users with the impression that it is no longer available which is somewhat true at this point since you can only get it from GitHub until the new version has gone through the review process.

    Actually, I'd like "myTeamSpeak" to encourage semantic versioning for addons by actually providing some sort of "release management" within the "myTeamSpeak" website itself. Right now, it looks like we can only "override" what's already there with each update.


    I'd like TeamSpeak Systems to provide a "Developer Guidelines" page which touches on the following topics:

    • Signup / application process
    • Phone / SMS verification
    • Naming guidelines (developer name, package name, etc.)
    • Coding / quality standards (Attribution Guidelines?)
    • Code of Conduct

    It would also help to explain to end users what "myTeamSpeak" actually is since most people don't seem to be aware it even exists. This could change if you take the necessary steps to make it "more fun" to work with the platform. Right now, it's more annoying than anything else.

    PS: I had to agree to the TOS for [ARG:2 UNDEFINED] when signing up for this forum and HTTPS doesn't seem to be working either. Generally speaking, the TeamSpeak forum is the only Cloudflare protected site I'm having trouble with.
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