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    2 questions related to user management

    Dear All,

    I'm managing so far sood a teamspeak server.
    Leading a clan of 90 members in World of Tanks, we like to assign some (a lot in fact) tags on each of them !.
    My question is in fact double:
    - Is there a way to do a mass tag deployment ? instead of applying it 1 by 1
    - Is there a way to know what tag is assigned to a specific user

    Thanks in advance.
    Have fun.

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    With the official client:
    1. No.
    2. Yes, online clients only (Set Server Groups > Server Groups Dialog, or however it is called in English).

    With YaTQA:
    1. Yes. Either by selecting multiple connected clients or by using the client database.
    2. Yes. Available in pretty much any control that lists clients.

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