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    Solved Alternative way to create channel

    Finally, after setting up channel parameters, create the channel in one step with

    unsigned int ts3server_createChannel( serverID,
    uint64 serverID;
    struct TS3ChannelCreationParams* channelCreationParams;
    enum ChannelCreateFlags flags;
    uint64* result;


    Address of the struct TS3ChannelCreationParams with the creation parameters for this .


    Defines if the channel password is passed as plaintext or already encrypted. If already encrypted, this is the password retrieved via the channel variable CHANNEL_PASSWORD, which is returned as encrypted password. In this case you would specify the password on channel creation as already encrypted to avoid it being encrypted automatically a second time.

    enum ChannelCreateFlags{

    Address to be filled with the created channel ID.
    Documentation source page

    Is the return value 'result' be the channelID ?

    With this way to create a channel, we have to give it a channelID :
    	// Set essential parameters are channel parent ID and channel ID
    	if (ts3server_setChannelCreationParams(*_channelCreationParams, channelParentID, channelID) != ERROR_ok) {
    		throw std::runtime_error("An error occured : set channel creation params failed.");
    Can I mix the two effects by giving 0 at channelID param and after flush (and channel created) retreive the channelID given by the server.
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    the functions return error codes.
    The setChannelVariable way with channel id 0 will require a call to flushChannelCreation with a pointer to a variable which will be set to the channel id as assigned by the server.

    With the CreationParameters set of functions you can specify the channel ID upfront. This is useful for when you want to restore a set of channels that was created before and saved it to disk for example in some format.

    See examples\server_creation_params for channel creation parameters in the download of the SDK.

    The example mentions that you can specify 0 and will get the server assigned channel id back in the variable pointed to by the result parameter of createChannel.
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    Ok, thanks for your answer. I will do with the
    ts3server_flushChannelCreation(serverID, parentChannelID, &newChannelID)
    I appreciate your quick usefull support

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