I'm having troubles on my teamspeak with some toxic users entering into other user's channels to scream, or poking them all the time, etc.

I would like to prevent this behaviour by creating some disyuntive permissions, kind of Group A can only enter/poker users in channel A, and Group B can only enter/poker users in channel B. Researching proved this can't be done with Server Groups, only Channel Groups, but still I've got some questions:

- Can't find how to assign a group channel to a channel (example: channel groups "NYMod" & "NewYorker" to channel "New York"). I'm sure its obvious, but I can't find how U.U'
- Can't find how to assign poke permissions only to users inside channels assigned to your group channel or to users in channels that need no group channel permissions.

Bonus Track: Is there a way to make Server Groups disyuntive? (you can only have one) All groups have an Icon, and some people with Group Add Power give themselfs or others all the available groups under it's permission power (when all superior ranks already has all permissions of inferior ones). This means some users have TOO MANY icons, to the point sometimes its full name is not even visible.

I'm open to install a permissions plugin if it's needed.